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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute breaking news. 7 >> are breaking news is coming from dulles international airport. she was trapped in an article for months, but now she is here
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to seek treatment for stroke.ent she landed at the airport is the is on her ago and she way to johns hopkins. we have the story that you will only see here. >> she just pulled out of the airport on the final leg of what been a very difficult journey. >> god bless you. tired, but anxious and still dark -- antand coveralls. >> i am so glad to be home. i am glad to be here. >> she believes that she had a weeks ago.t 8
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>> it was extremely frustrating and. condition is improving, but she still struggles with speech, a vision, and memory problems. year in one of the isolated spot on earth, the science foundation and south pole research station. is focused on getting to hopkins and getting better. >> i meet with doctors tomorrow morning. i see what testing needs to be done. see what i have to do for starting rehabilitation. prognosis for her a full recovery is good. latest.c. man is the servicemen to it -- to lose his afghanistan. the 23-year-old died last week
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in a non-combat incident. there is a- struggle under way to seat a jury. it appears that will take days. she murdered her co-worker inside the store in bethesda. we are live outside montgomery county courthouse with the made in decisions to be next 24 hours. >> it is a bedrock right in our country. butceding a fair rate -- seeking a fair and impartial .ury was murdered where worked with britney nor -- norwood.
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the case captured national headlines. norwood, s charged that she staged a bloody scene. with all the attention this has received, how hard will be to jurors and five alternates? >> i do not know. it will be a challenge. >> maybe they should have moved farther away. they could get a more impartial jury. >> there were too revealing moments. only 18 people said when asked if they had not heard about this case. a prominent criminal defense not a part of the judge haseves the been wise in bringing in so many prospective jurors. >> it is difficult in any case, whether there has been publicity, to put aside what you heard and learned. >> jury selection continues
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be followeding to by opening arguments. the trial is expected to last several days. page, we areebook asking if photos after the murder should be shown to the jury. overwhelmingly, the response has been yes. to share your thoughts on go to ourp headlines, facebook page. >> a jury finds the state of maryland was negligent and the of an inmate on a prison bus. he was murdered by fellow
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inmates while the two were being on interstate 70 to baltimore. jurors also found four of the five correctional officers on duty to be negligent. the state was awarded $18.5 million. the state's obligation is to $200,000. police are trying to find a montgomery county man and turned the himself. the police investigation is ongoing. >> a hazmat situation leads to a serious scare at a d.c. ppol. one man was hospitalized. fire officials arrived after people complained about odor caused by a
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chemical irritant. ongoing.igation is >> hopes are fading for a a nine-year-ly of boy with autism. crews searched overnight and by ground and by air. he does not speak and has blond hair and blue eyes. officials said they hoped to new sections of the toll of the year.nd the first section of the highway opened last winter. the exact price for drivers once sections open remains up in the air. vehicles without a pass will between 38 and 50 during peak hours. turn to the forecast. conditions are still comfortable for the end of october. bob ryan is just back from
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vacation. i brought back some nice weather from vacation. a line of showers is moving off. me show you what has been going on. you can see the line racing off. out to the eastern shore. it leaves a few showers behind. enough to have some measurable rain. things looked earlier today. this is in wintergreen. at that beautiful color. here come the showers. aw that they have moved off, of sunshine and believe it not, it is still tropical season. there is still a tropical storm alberto that could become another hurricane. -- out there that could become another hurricane. >> for your forecast out to you can read about a new that is forming in the
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atlantic. president obama his the trail on the west coast tonight as he's trying to raise for his 2012 campaign will to one cityach out among the hardest hit in this economy. the president arrived in los angeles tonight for a private fund-raising event. he will spend the night in los flying back to tomorrow. just hours earlier, he was an is verys print that unveiled a plan about struggling backeders with federally help homeowners lower interest rates. has faced criticism from nevada lawmakers after he targeted corporations for moneyng federal bailout on las vegas trips. there really such a thing as a lucky city? >> we will tell you who says
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that this possibility actually exists. >> dancing embarrassment. the contest and his family says humiliated over the show. >> a wide out of sorts on a football field. the real reason why this guy took off his clothes on national television. arrest and thean of a cabdriver. the shooting was over 75 cents.
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what's healthier than that?
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you are watching abc7 news harris, alison, bob this is abc 7 news at 11, on your side. just 75spute over the cents and is in a murder. police say they never did. detectives are sharing this that led to ats local man's death. was a victim in this case
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taxi driver. police say the shooting occurred because the driver and his customer could not agree on may afre. -- on a fare. >> i have been robbed myself twice. >> just how dangerous it is has cabbies withhese of one of their own. early saturday morning, he was shot and killed. according to police, the killer after arguing with the cash be over 75 cents. what is hard to say passenger may rob you. >> police arrested and charged the murder. they caught a cab in prince
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in headed into the district. arrived, he paid the fare. the two argued, police said. pulled a gun and shot the cabbage. >> -- the cabbie. >> it is really sad. >> he remains in jail tonight awaiting trial. officials --ealth the fda has been investigating since 2007. a study of over 26,000 people, the fda stresses that
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finding is not definitive. here is a question for you. looking to get lucky? charm city might just be a good luck charm. baltimore city is the second luckiest city in america. richmond, va., comes in fifth. the amount of lottery winners, from a falling object. ok. the least lucky city is charleston, west virginia. diego, calif., is the luckiest. >> that is not fair. san diego gets everything. we now know why a college a streaking during a nationally televised football game. posed as a referee at the on thursday. after a play was called, he ran down the and
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field. did he do something? he wants to get on the extreme show "wipe out." hundred to an end to see him stars."ncing with the says his daughter time he dances that tom. -- at home. you can read more about to him of our website, popularind out about a might have a new girlfriend.
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there when a kid their dadssed by dancing. think? will my friends >> so true. >> it happens with the forecast, too. >> we had a rainy night. now the sunshine will be coming back tomorrow. another classic october day. we had a little bit of a preview of november. a beautiful time of the year. a lot of folks, october, time.ody's favorite the temperatures outside right now. 58 degrees. r high temperature is just about average. we have the showers moved a bite, skies had cleared. -- showers have moved by and our
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skies had cleared. it is possible, you folks that west, might bee seeing the northern lights tonight. been a solar storm and there were today's showers. they are moving out. that is all that is left of them right now. think that that -- that is where they will be going. we will continue to see clearing skies. at george mason middle school. a quarter of an inch of rain. here is how we look from way out in space. is another tropical storm. watch what it will be doing. it may move into the yucatan peninsula the next couple of days. over us, there are those clouds moving out.
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their go at the close tomorrow. delightful tomorrow afternoon. hardly a cloud inside. it is even possible you may see lights.hern temperatures to mar will be delightful. 60's. . -- temperatures tomorrow will be delightful. 60's. time youskies by the get up tomorrow morning. near 50 degrees. a beautiful sunny day. a classic late october day. on tap for same wednesday. front comes through on thursday. we may be seeing some afternoon showers. look at the air coming in. those leads are really changing over the weekend. >> very much like fault now. no turning back.
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regroupedskins have to and reenergize with 10 games left to play. the list of players down and out continues to grow. we will hear from mike shanahan. ♪
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. bad newsins got more today. they do not have time. rex grossman is in the hospital with pneumonia. tim hightower will have surgery. out for the rest of the season. santana moss had surgery today on his broken left hand. how will john beck improve would so many starters out?
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>> john knows he has to concentrate on his job. thought he did an excellent job doing that. our goal right now is to get a around and that play at a very high level. >> on the other side of the the defense was exposed. them in space and smith had a field day. >> it really did not seem as bad me. we will try to figure out what went wrong. what we can fix. >> 10 games left. tebow rallied denver past miami, so the legend grows. tebow's pants are being offered
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ebay for a mere $5,000. you cannot make this stuff up, folks. are shot of the night comes from dallas mavericks. -- are shot of the night comes from dallas mavericks. you kidding me? of theez with our shot night. but who cares? the washington capitals are now seven and zero. adapted and all. great is now in wax. the nba a report that has canceled two more weeks of games tonight. games have been canceled to november 28. >> not looking good.
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>> get it done, guys.
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hundreds gathered to help arts in the d.c. area. ♪
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arch campbell was the emcee for the gala. this is at the round house theatre in bethesda. cart stream is providing -- is ofebrating six years service. from tonight's event held dozens of underserved children each year. >> we will . ♪
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